APEC RO-90 Water filter Dirty Sediment filter 2
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I could be drinking this! Apec RO-90 Water Filter replacment review.

I really can say this is the most used and best purchase for our home so far. Its the Apec RO-90 Reverse Osmosis under the sink water filter.  I was just replacing the filters tonight and I thought I would snap a couple pictures as it looked so gross. I could be drinking all that stuff! Luckily it is filtered out before it gets to our filters water tap.  The filter uses Reverse Osmosis to filter out up to 99% of contaminants they say on the website. It stores the water in a tank under your sink and you have a dedicated faucet for it. You have instant access to a large amount of filtered water and it has a fast flow rate.

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Now I don’t have any pictures of my husband doing the installation, but he had no problem installing it. He said the instructions were good and it was pretty easy to do.  I feel the price for the unit is really reasonable, and the same with the cost of replacement filters. We have to replace the 3 first stage filters every year and they run around 40 bucks for the set. It ends up being much cheaper then using our refrigerator filter for water. (We actually do not use the fridge for water any more) . The other reason we love it is because it fills the glass with water REALLY fast. You get really spoiled with this aspect and waiting for a refrigerator to fill a glass is like watching paint dry now. You can read other reviews HERE and see others have enjoyed it as much as we have.


Here is what it looks like pulled out from under the sink and ready to swap filters.

APEC RO-90 Water filter with Dirty Sediment filter


We were almost at our yearly replacement date and I ordered a new set of filters off of Amazon. One thing you may notice from our picture is we have an upgraded first stage sediment clear filter cover as I wanted to be able to see how dirty is gets between filter swaps. Look it this picture, the sediment filter is a pretty ugly brown by now. I was also able tell it was getting close to time to swap out the filters as I could detect the water flow was a little slower on the dedicated water filter faucet the filter uses.

This time I went and ordered 2 sets of the 3 pre-stage filters that get changed yearly. I was able to save 10 bucks and now will have a set on hand for next time. As for price, you can get them direct from Apec or through Amazon. They are usually about the same price, but if your a Prime member at Amazon you save on shipping and get them faster. This was the double pack that saved me a little money.


Here is a picture of the first stage Sediment Filter after removing it. The water had some chunks of stuff floating in it. This is what would be in our tap water.

APEC RO-90 Water filter Dirty Sediment filter top view


The carbon filters #2 and #3 did not look to bad when I pulled them out of their containers. The first one #2 had a little discoloration.


Getting ready to add the new filters. They just drop in place into the container.

APEC RO-90 new filters ready to be installed


Here is the first stage sediment filter, notice how white they are when they are new. Crazy how dirty the filters end up and all the gunk they pull out of the tap water.

Insrtalling a new Sediment filter in my Apec RO-90


Here is the RO-90 with the clean filters installed and ready to go back under the sink.

Clean filters installed.


While I have never had a leak with the unit, I do have it into a plastic tub under the sink just as a precaution. I guess I am a little paranoid.

APEC RO-90 installed under sink

We are ready for another year. The other two filters on the unit will need to be replaced in 3-5 years. We plan to do it on our next filter swap as it should be about 5 years. We will just do all 5 filters at once.  This full sett next year will run more as the #4 and #5 filters are more expensive. The whole kit of 5 filters was in the 130 dollar range last I checked. But again, this is once every 3-5 years. I think the difference in time depends on the quality of tap water you already have. I always thought we had pretty good water in our location, and I am surprised at how dirty the filters gets.


We purchased our unit directly from Apec Water’s website here https://www.freedrinkingwater.com/  and you can see they do have some optional upgrades. We did a clear sediment filter housing and some 3/8 line upgrade they were offering at the time. They also have some good sales once in a while you can keep an eye out for. If you do decide to make a purchase online through them, They do have a referral program. If you use a friend for the referral they can get a free set of filters. (or you can always use me if you don’t have anyone 🙂  [email protected]


But another great option is to buy it on Amazon HERE. I tend to get the filters on Amazon out of convenience and the free shipping with prime. With Amazons free shipping the price usually seems to be about the same as on Apec’s website. But it doesn’t hurt to check both to see which price is best for you.


Anyways , I really love our water filter and how convenient it is to use. I feel it really is a great product.