How to: faux painted wood bedroom wall - combed Behr paint
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Faux wood painted bedroom wall.

My son loves the look of wood and wanted to have some wood panels on his wall. So rather then buy the paneling and go through the hassle I decided to try paining them first. I had seen this technique of using a comb online and it looked pretty good. Here are my results below.

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Sorry I don’t have as many pictures as I wanted of the progress, as I just found these on my phone from doing this a couple months ago. I decided to go ahead and post what I had.

The starting point:

Here are the paint colors I used, they were from home depot.

The colors were:

“Baronial Brown” and “Chocolate Heart”


I previously painted stripes on the wall using some extra light blue and Grey paint we had sitting around (Sorry, I don’t have the names of those paints). This was to give a better variance between the boards. Here you can see I had taped off the light blue color so I started by painting over the light brown color with the Baronial Brown. Then I went back and added some splotches of Chocolate heart. For reference the original stripes were about 9-10 inches wide.

As mentioned above started by brushing on the darker Baronial Brown color first and then brushed the light brown over it in splotches. While still wet I ran a comb through it like THESE. You can pick them up at a dollar store. When it came to a point that I wanted to end a board I would just drag the comb down to make a line.

Once I had those planks painted, I waited a couple hours and removed the painters tape to start the planks that were in between the ones I already completed. To paint these I found it easier to use one of THESE things to put on the dark paint straight rather then tape up what I had just painted and risk having issues with the tape on still drying paint.

Again going after putting down some dark using the light brown paint on top, then combing it with a brush to make the wood grain. The more you use the comb, the more the color underneath starts to show.

Here is a closeup of how it looks.




Here is a picture of the final product. I took it with my cell and plan to go back and get a better picture with the good camera.