Henriksdal dying chair covers green installed

Ikea Henriksdal Green Dyed Chair covers – DIY

The Ikea Henriksdal Chair covers are really easy to dye to get the color you want, I now have a set of red, black and decided to do a green set.  Here is a post with some pics of me dying some white Ikea Henriksdal green.

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Getting started

You can pick up the plain white Ikea Henriksdal chair covers at Ikea, at this link HERE from amazon. Here are mine getting ready to be colored. They are sitting on my red covers I did earlier.

My white henriksdal chair covers getting ready to be dyed green


First I prepped the area to keep the stain from getting on anything as I was going to do this indoors. I used some tarps to protect the area in the kitchen.

The empty tubs ready to be used for dyeing the ikea henriksdal chair covers green


The Dye I used

Here are the colors I mixed. This time I used RIT Dye (in my last post when I did the Red Chair covers HERE I used dylon brand dye.)

The colors I chose for this batch of Ikea Henriksdal covers was:

I used all four bottles per tub, one of each color.

The colors of dye i will be using, RIT Evening Blue, RIT Emerald, Rit Lemon Yellow, Rit Kelly Green


Here are some great gloves I used to protect my hands HERE.

Gloves I will use to protect my hands


I had to use some pots to hold the chair covers down in the ink as they wanted to float to the top.

Using pots to hold down the Ikea Henrikdal covers as they are sitting in the dye


This is what they looked like wet. They were darker wet, but lightened up after drying.

When wet the chair covers look darker then they will be when dried.


This is what they look like after being dried for just a bit, I did a hang dry to finish drying them.

This is the color of the chair cover after drying for a bit. Ikea Henriksdal Green.


Finished the Ikea Henriksdal Green covers.

Got my new dyed Ikea Henriksdal green covers installed on the chairs 🙂

All the Ikea Henriksdal covers installed after being dyed green,


Here is a closeup shot of the Ikea Heriksdal Green chair cover.

A closeup of the Ikea henriksdal dye chair cover installed after being dyed green.

Since I like to change colors in the room one in a while, I really like this option of having some separate chair covers in separate colors to go with my mood. As mentioned above, you can see in my other post I have dyed some red chair covers earlier, and also I recently did some black ones as well. This is one of the reasons I like the Ikea Henriksdal chairs so much. They are really versatile.

You can see more pictures of the red covers in this post here.

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